Create and adapt GibbsCAM operations in G-code

What is nc-read?

nc-read is a software module that integrates with CAM software.

  • Allows CAM users to create CNC Toolpath by using part programs written in the popular g-code language or other NC machine languages and convert them to CAM operations Toolpath.
  • Transform your CAM software in a virtual CNC machine that creates CAM operation Toolpath in a similar way that the real CNC drive the machine with the g-code. (CNC languages Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens etc…)

This allows

  • To verify and simulate the Toolpath created by g-codes part programs directly with the CAM system.
  • CNC Parametric programming. It means that the part program will be driven in real time by the machine parameters. (It make the machine more clever)
  • To convert g-code created Toolpath for the machine of your choice with any available postprocessors.


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